1. The end of fragmented data

  2. What is ?
  3. Perhaps that's best explained with a story...
  4. The problem illustrated by the tale of the blind men and the elephant is that of FRAGMENTED DATA. Each of the men was inspecting the same elephant, but they were each limited to information based on what they had touched.

    Udenti puts an end to fragmented data by providing a unique identifier for everything. A single reference point from which data can be added or modified.

    Imagine us as Wikipedia turned into a giant relational database.

  5. Udenti prevents costly overlaps and presents data in a structured and easily accessable token-based format suitable for application developers.

    Some applications of Udenti include, but are not limited to:

    Identity Management Retail
    Government Education
    Healthcare Digital Rights Management
    Academic Research Home Automation
    Finance Social Networking
  6. Udenti has not launched yet, but we will soon!

    Contact: steveudenti@gmail.com